TV Troubleshooting:

Your TV is not working! Now what? What are the repair costs? How do I know where to fix it? Perhaps it is not broken, it might be something else?

You need to do a few things to make sure your TV is broken. This is a list of problems that we've encountered with our clients.

1. Dead set
2. No image and no tone
3. No image, but there is tone
4. No tone, but there is image
5. Dark cube over the TV picture
6. TV colors don't seem right
7. How to preserve your TV

1. Dead set:

If the TV doesn’t turn on and it does not make any noise, try pushing the ON button located directly on the face of the TV. Perhaps your remote control is not working properly (old batteries, water damage, etc.).

Make sure you have the power supply to TV. Connect another electronic device such as a radio, lamp to the same instead of the TV and if that device is working then the TV itself is not working properly.

2. No image and tone:

-If there is no image and tone when turning on your TV, but the TV seems turned on, there could be other issues, like the cable box. If you press the ON button on the remote or directly on the TV to increase volume, change channels or menu, and if the volume bar, channel number or menu options appear on the screen, it is likely that the TV is fine.
Try connecting a DVD or some other signal source for the image and tone, and if you have a picture on the TV, then it is your cable box that is not working properly. By resetting the cable box (unplugging from the outlet and waiting couple of minutes) you can often fix the problem. If the problem continues, contact your cable box provider.

If you are not using a cable box, then the chances of the TV being defective is certain.

3. No image, but there is tone:

If there is no image and there are sounds, the procedure of troubleshooting is the same as mentioned above in “No image and tone.

4. No tone, but there is image:

It could be several reasons:

1. Cable Box
2. SAP (Secondary Audio Program)
3. Unplugged Speakers
4. TV is not functioning

To find out which one, try the following:

Check if all channels have sound. If you have sound on some channels, check SAP. If you have sound on the DVD or VCR go to cable box. If you do not have any sound on any channel, no sound on the DVD or VCR, go to the Unplugged Speakers.


It is possible that you accidentally pressed the button on the remote control for the second channel tone. See the remote control if you have a button labeled SAP or MTS. If you press it once, “MONO”, “STEREO” or “SAP” will appear on your screen. Press the button until “STEREO” appears on the screen. Now you should be able to hear a sound from your TV. If you getting the sound from your TV we are happy that we could help you save time and money for the TV repair.

Cable Box:

The procedure is the same as when you do not have a picture.

Unplugged Speakers:

People often, when connecting a new device to a TV or are cleaning behind the TV, lose their signal on the TV. It may be a small switch on the panel which is located on the back of the TV where all the connectors are located. This switch is to turn off the TV speakers. If you have such a switch, try to play with it to get the sound back to functioning.

Another thing that often happens is that people try to do something through the TV menu and accidentally turn off the speakers. For this procedure you have to check the USER MANUAL, because the setup is different for almost every brand and model.

TV is not functioning:

If you check all of the above and you still don’t have any sound from your TV, we suggest you bring in the TV to us.

5. Dark Cube over the TV picture:

This is typically an indication that the CLOSED CAPTION text mode is on. Find the button on the remote control marked CC and press it until its on OFF.

6. TV colors don’t seem right:

If your TV is connected to cable box with the component cable (Green, Blue, Red, White, and Red) it is likely that some of the cables are not well connected. Check them all.

If you have a projection TV and if you have 3D image, then your convergence, or on some TVs MAGIC FOCUS, is out of tune or corrupt. You should look in your TVs USER MANUAL for an explanation for this procedure. If you are not able to adjust the picture it usually means that the electronic circuit for convergence is corrupt. In this case you should call us.

7. How to preserve your TV:

Lightning does not have to strikes your home to damage your TV. Lightning can strike few miles away and its electricity can travel through the electrical cables, cable company cables and even telephone cables to your electronic device.

To decrease the chance of this happening it is not enough to turn off your TV or your extension cable.

The power of the lightning was never successfully measured because even with the technology available the current is so strong that it would burn the equipment setup to measure its strength.

The safest thing to do is to unplug all electronics from your outlets, unplug your cable connection that is directly connected to your TV. We would also suggest to do the same when traveling and when you are away for couple of days, because we’ve had many customers coming back from their vacations only to find out that their TV and other electronics are not working any more.

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